Advanced Sensual Mastery for men and couples

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Advanced Sensual Mastery for men and couples

About Me

Graduated University of Pennsylvania
Studied Japanese at Sophia University
Worked many years as a bond trader.
Started internet sales company in 2002
started sales of "Perfect Sex" in 2004 (the first combination PDF/video file for how to sex in Japan) Sold about 3000 copies...Read more

Rental Description


I am Mr. Jack, a 52 year old American man who has spent 3 years running an Advanced Sexual/Sensual Mastery for men and couples here in Japan
that was aimed at Japanese men.  We received a good deal of excellent press and was written up in numerous magazines (including Flash and online SPA!).
I was also on late night Japanese TV once discussing how to combine mental pleasure to increase passion and physical ecstasy of a female partner.

My focus is on teaching men on how to both physically and mentally please their partners so both can have a fantastic sensual life.

Rather than jump right into techniques, we start with proper mindsets to sex and relationships, followed by understanding the differences between men and women.

For technique, the main emphasis is on foreplay with all sorts of stimulation being taught in detail. Advanced techniques such as the DOing method
will also be presented.

I have my own videos (from the school) so those will be provided as tools for students to get a deeper understanding (there are several famous actresses 
in the videos). In addition, a chapter on light BDSM can be arranged.

The overall premise is to combine heart/mind/body so that the client can reach his maximum potential as caring, loving man who can on any level
please the woman (or women) in his life. It is also useful for couples that are having issues and without judgment helping them find a happier and more loving
balance. I can work with mixed couples in situations (all too common in Japan) where the romantic life has dwindled to zero

Of course, all courses can be tailored to the specific needs of each client. This is clearly not a 1 size fits all program. I will ensure your goals are met and questions answered.
At first look, some people might laugh at this class, however, for many men and women, a mediocre sex life affects their health, self image and quality of life. There
is no need to suffer any more. Please contact me to start your journey to a higher plain of happiness.

Classes can be provided in either English and Japanese.


If you are having trouble booking contact us we will set up the booking for you!

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Advanced Sensual Mastery