Language practice - Lets go for a cup of coffee!

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Language practice - Lets go for a cup of coffee!

About Me

HI! Im Lucy, I am a 23 year old professional patisserie from Uruguay. I just recently graduated from Colegio Gato Dumas, a great culinary institution in my country.
I want to share my knowledge, learn from others and make new friends! That is why I am here. I am doing this also so as to...Read more


Rental Description

About the Location: 

Let's try new cafes together! 
We can find a place we both like! 

I really like Karaoke as well so if you wanna go there, so be it!

Please feel free to bring your study material.


Experience with Skill: 

We can go out and enjoy sweets together!
My services go from teaching you how to make your favorite dessert, going ingredient shopping, sharing my recipes with you, going out for a cup of coffee and chatting in English, my broken Japanese, Portuguese or Spanish! 
I hope we can eat and practice together!

I have experience both in teaching languages and in the pastry area. I have graduated from Culinary school recently, and I taught English to kids and young adults a couple years ago. I believe everything is easier when you are having fun, isn't it!?
For me cooking is some sort of therapy, it calms me down and makes me happy. I hope it can do the same for you.

I will give you some of my best recipes so you can try them out yourself!

Lesson Explanation: 
We will meet up in the coffee shop you prefer. Lets try new ones! Show me your favorite! If we go out for a drink you will be responsible for my drink. Lets go over your English, or Spanish homework. I will do my best to make you practice your speaking skills!
Once we are done, I will give you my top 5 recipes so you can show off your newly acquired skills with friends and family!

HI! Love baking? Want to have a friend from abroad? Need to practise English or Spanish?

Lucky you, I can help you with all three! :)
I am doing this rental because baking and cooking are my absolute favorite things in the world. I am embarking onto a 3 month long backpacking trip and I figured this is a good way to give you something good in exchange for your money.

Lets arrange all details together!

TOKYO dates Feb 10- Feb 13
KYOTO dates Feb 15 - March 3
OSAKA dates March 15 - March 27
YOKOHAMA dates March 30 - April 13

*more coming soon.


If you are having trouble booking contact us we will set up the booking for you!
Schedule Note: 
Please note I am traveling. I will be in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Yokohama. Please check If I will be around your area before booking.

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Baking lesson / Language Practice / Chat like a friend!
Please note 1900 is the price per hour. You will be responsible for the drinks. Thank you!