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Learn British Slang (Yorkshire)


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Learn some Yorkshire slang with me!

Yorkshire is a region in the North of England.
The places in Yorkshire most famous in Japan are Leeds City where Princess Kako is studying and Haworth Village, home of the Brontës.
It a large region with friendly talkative people and a very casual way of speaking. 

I lived in the area for my entire 30 years life before moving to Japan so I have that regions accent and I know a lot of casual/slang speak so you can learn it for fun! We will look at accent basics, vocabulary, grammatical changes and have a practice role play. We can meet in a cafe or bar, I will travel to Tokyo or anywhere in Japan if you cover my expenses too.  

Impress your British friends with it when you go out drinking or use it to understand locals if you are taking a trip to that region of England. 

This class is best for someone with intermediate or  advanced English so I can properly explain meanings and usage to you. 

I am happy to teach other native English speakers too of course



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