Learn color grading with DaVinci Resolve

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Learn color grading with DaVinci Resolve

About Me

Hi! I'm Chris, I can teach you about color grading and color correction using DaVinci Resolve software. I have been using Resolve for 8 years, and can help you understand any aspects of the software that you like. Contact me and let me know where you need to improve! Whether you are an absolute...Read more

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I can teach you anywhere you like, so long as you have a computer capable of running DaVinci Resolve sufficiently. If you don't know, feel free to contact me and check.

Experience with Skill: 

I have spent 8 years providing support for DaVinci Resolve and cinema cameras. Whilst not a colorist by trade, I know my way around Resolve more than most colorists.

Lesson Explanation: 
Resolve basics

I can't teach you how to be creative, but you will learn how to use DaVinci Resolve's tools to make the most of your video footage. Whether you are just learning color grading for your home movies or training to be a professional colorist I can help you better understand the the depth of Resolve's tooset.


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Color grading with DaVinci Resolve in English (some Japanese)