Learn How to Design and Build Something - DIY style!

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Learn How to Design and Build Something - DIY style!

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Hi, all.  I'm Andy, a life sojourner, artist, activist, and entrepreneur living with my family here in Yokohama.  After about twenty years of solid practice in adventures and misadventures, I found myself living in Japan and working as the Asia regional window display manager for Forever 21.  ...Read more

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We don't need much space so let's meet in a cafe for this lesson.  Of course we can meet other places too if you have a preference.   

Please tell me which station is closest to you.  Maybe we can meet in a more convenient location.

Experience with Skill: 

I have more than twenty! years experience in creative fields, creative production and creative management.  I have worked for museums, galleries, universities, the Hollywood TV and movie industry and for the fashion industry.   In all that experience, one of my favorite tools for making an idea come alive as a physical reality is Sketchup.

SketchUp is a free software product that allows you to draw and plan 3-d models of anything you might want to build.   The tool can be get pretty complex for advanced users, and luckily it is really easy for beginners too.  

Lesson Explanation: 
There aren't any requirements for this course. The first step is: meet up and decide on an idea of something you want to build.
Next, we will open up the SketchUp program on a computer and start learning how to draw out your idea.
If it is a very simple project, we will finish. If it is more complicated, we will probably arrange another lesson.
When the drawing is complete, you can bring your drawing to my DIY building lesson!

This is a SketchUp for DIY Builders Lesson

This lesson will show you how to use the free software SketchUp to draw and plan an idea that you want to make into a real physical thing.  This program is best for construction type projects and is not the best program for designing models that you want to animate or stress test.

Some objects you can easily draw and plan using StetchUp are:

  • tables
  • chairs
  • beds
  • cabinets
  • props for tv
  • props for films
  • props for the stage
  • art projects
  • window displays for fashion
  • and oh so many other fun things!

It's easy to start learning new skills.  You just have to take the first step and sign up!


If you are having trouble booking contact us we will set up the booking for you!
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Learn How to Draw and Build a DIY Project with SketchUp!

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