Learn to Make Baked Ziti and Guacamole

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Learn to Make Baked Ziti and Guacamole

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I moved to Tokyo a while ago due to my love Japanese culture. I'm also interested in international business in general. That's why topics like working in Japan interest me. With a lot of experience being a self-starter I hope others can be too! I do a lot of web design and programming and think...Read more

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The location we will cook at is 1 block from Ichigaya-Yanagicho station. The Oedo line stops there as well as the #61 bus.

At the venue, I have a large table and Convection microwave to do the cutting and baking. There is plenty of room and all the materials is in the office.

Experience with Skill: 

My Mom and Dad made Baked Ziti a lot for me growing up. Its also common in New York Pizza stores. In Japan I often make it at home whenever I get the craving. It's not hard to do so lets try!

Lesson Explanation: 
Will show you how to make baked Ziti
Will show you how to make Guacamole

While the Baked Ziti is baking, I will show you how to make Guacamole. Get some chips and have that as a side for the main course of Baked Ziti and you have a full meal! The lesson will be 1 hour and 30 minutes total.


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Japanese Level: Intermediate


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Learn to make Baked Ziti and Guacamole

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