Let's Make Some Furniture!

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Let's Make Some Furniture!

About Me

Hi, all.  I'm Andy, a life sojourner, artist, activist, and entrepreneur living with my family here in Yokohama.  After about twenty years of solid practice in adventures and misadventures, I found myself living in Japan and working as the Asia regional window display manager for Forever 21.  ...Read more

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About the Location: 

The best location for this course is my home.  At my home, you have access to my tools and a building supply center within walking distance.  

Working from my home location will allow you to:

  • Store your project with me until it is complete
  • No need to carry around tools
  • Work in a place with plenty of space
Experience with Skill: 

I have more than twenty! years experience with building.   I have built houses, furniture, cabinets, and props and sets for the Hollywood film industry, canvasses for artists, and window displays for the fashion industry.  

I know a lot about building and want to show you what you need to know to make something you imagine become real.

Lesson Explanation: 
Pre-requisite: Must Complete the "Learn How to Design and Build Something - DIY style!" lesson
Come to my house in Tsunashima or provide a location where we can use power saws, drills and other building tools.
Learn how to use the necessary tools to build the wonderful object you want to make!

This is a hands-on lesson that will teach you how to build a piece of furniture or other object using wood and power tools.  

We will meet at my home or another convenient location and, over several lessons, plan, build and complete a building project.

At the end of the course, you will have a real piece of furniture that you made yourself.  You will be able to show all your friends your amazing design and build skills and more importantly, you will enjoy your new abilities.


If you are having trouble booking contact us we will set up the booking for you!
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Japanese Level: Beginner


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Hands On: Learn How to Build Furniture DIY Style