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Magic shows and lessons

About Me

I was born in Firenze, Italy. I live in Japan from 2006 and make my living as magician.
I started magic from when I was a kid and my mother gave me a magic book as my 9th birthday present.
I work in streets, parks, avenues, restaurants, department stores, shopping malls, schools...Read more

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About my lesson plan:
When the student book a lesson he/she can choose the level

Beginner level

lesson 1

 . basics principles in magic

. self working magic with everyday object: rubber band trick

. self working magic with everyday object: pencil trick

. self working magic with everyday object: straw trick

lesson 2

. basic moves with cards ( grip, basic shuffles, break)

. 2 self working card tricks

lesson 3

. where and how to get the materials

. self working and self crafted magic: esp card

. self working and self crafted magic: saw the lady in half

intermediate level

lesson 1

. basic sleights for card magic

( force, top control,false shuffle, double lift, magician palm)

. 2 simple card tricks using the basic sleights

lesson 2

. a simple vanish

. sponge balls basics

. Martino sponge ball routine ( with variations, and how to craft your own sponge balls)

lesson 3

. silk magic

. sugar magic

. rope magic

advanced level

lesson 1

. the big difference: timing and pausing in magic

. color change card trick

. about the ambitious card

lesson 2

. how to deal with problematic spectators

. invest well your money: choose the right tricks, how to

. classic is best: Martino linking rings

lesson 3

. how to make a successful magic show

. basic moves for Martino cups and balls

. 5 stars classic:  basic Martino cups and balls routine

special lessons

magic tricks to pick up a girl

. basics, team work, flourish

bar betchas and puzzles

. to be the star in the pub with your friends

. 5 simple bar bets/puzzles to entertain your friends

street busking

. basics

. build an audience

. how to make your show


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