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Narrator and Voice Acting

About Me

I'm a tall, friendly person with my own sense of style. I've spent some time in various fields, so I have a lot of random knowledge in art, music and literature. I also love to play games on my PC, as well as browse the internet like most normal people do these days, etc.!Read more

Rental Description

About the Location: 

If you need this for a recording obviously we may need to go to a professional recording studio. You must pay for the costs of the recording studio.

If you just need a narrator for an event (book club, school story time, listening comprehension study sessions, etc.), this can be done at practically any venue.

Experience with Skill: 

I was a narrator for educational programs back in Manila. I can do different voices and accents.

Due to my skill with pronunciation, with some rehearsal I can do narration in various languages. Even those that I don't actually speak.

Lesson Explanation: 

Do you need a narrator or voice actor for a project? Or perhaps you just want somebody to read you something in English?

I've had a few years experience reading short stories and transcripts, and have an excellent control of my voice. My voice is deep and low, and my pronunciation can be adjusted to be clear or natural.


If you are having trouble booking contact us we will set up the booking for you!
English Level: Native
Japanese Level: Intermediate



per hour
Rentals must be booked 5 days in advance
Minimum duration: 


100% refund on cancellation 7 days before booking date
50% refund on cancellation 3 days before booking date
0% refund on cancellation 1 day before booking date


The location shows the general area your rental can be held at. Please discuss with your Rent Meee after purchase to choose a venue.

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Narration/Voice Acting