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Osteopathic massage

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My name is Ivan, i'm from Russia.

I have been trained in martial arts (Bujinkan) since 2008 and teaching it since 2011.
In 2013 i started working as a massagist. In addition I have been working 3 years in a rehabilitation center as a massage therapist. The center is...Read more

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Little bit of history.cool

Osteopath came from America. Founder of basic osteopathic principles was Andrew Taylor Still who start his practice in 1874 year. He was first Osteopath (study of human body balance)
In 1930s William Garner Sutherland developed cranial osteopathy (major become skull)
And in 1970s John Upledger developed craniosacral therapy (skull + sacrum) 
Finally biodynamic craniosacral therapy was developed almost in 2000s (biological rhythms + skull + sacrum)
So it is really unique approach in body treatment that have nice history and continue developing even now!

I study this principles and techniques for about 3 years on osteopath experts seminars.
And use this skills in rehabilitation center in Russia to help people with different pain.
Headache, stomachache, muscle pain, unknown pain in body, pain in neck, lower back and many many more.

Osteopath session don't looks like massage. Usually it looks like soft touch of customer's body.
It is not a must, but better to wear thin or medium clothing.
Sometimes body reaction comes immediately, but usually we need to wait for this reaction.
That is why i recommend osteopathic session no more than once in 2 weeks or sometimes once in month.

I use my personal approach based on massage, shiatsu, muscle release techniques and all of osteopathic approaches i told before. It is very soft and high effective method.

I can help your body to find a way to balance.

*sessions hold in rent salons in Tokyo



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Osteopathic massage