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Pronunciation Practice

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A quiet place is usually best, so your house might be best (mine is too small; it's a sharehouse with a tiny room and no living room). But if you are not shy, practice in a park, restaurant or cafe would also be good. However, we must purchase our food/drinks separately, and they are not included in the fees.

Experience with Skill: 

In the Philippines I was a certified accent trainer. Accent means aspects of pronunciation. It's what makes people from different countries and regions sound different even if when speaking the same language. My job was helping people fix pronunciation problems that made their English difficult to understand.

Other than that I was also a regular English teacher both for an eikaiwa-type school and a real academy located in a university for a few years. My students included Filipinos, Koreans and some Chinese people. In Japan I have over 2 months experience teaching at an eikaiwa.

Lesson Explanation: 
Short Lecture
Identifying and Isolating Problems
Pronunciation Drills

Thanks for looking at this rental. While this is mostly recommended for intermediate and advanced level English learners, there's nothing wrong with learning correct pronunciation even at a beginner level.

The short lecture will give a short and basic explanation of the following topics:
1. Parts of the mouth
2. Different kinds of sounds made by the mouth
3. Differences between accents of different regions
4. Major problems with the Japanese accent (R vs. L, etc.)
5. The problem with 外来語.

These all need to be understood at least on a basic level before we continue with pronunciation drills.

The next step is identifying and isolating the problems. Not all Japanese people have the same problems, though there are usually a few common issues. During this step I will assess what areas need particular work, as well as give a basic explanation on how to fix the issue.

Pronunciation drills are the next step. Drills are a kind of exercise that you do again and again. The drills will cause you to repeat the correct pronunciation many times and in different ways until you master it.


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Japanese Level: Intermediate



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Pronunciation Practice