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My name is Ivan, i'm from Russia.

I have been trained in martial arts (Bujinkan) since 2008 and teaching it since 2011.
In 2013 i started working as a massagist. In addition I have been working 3 years in a rehabilitation center as a massage therapist. The center is...Read more


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Are you happy? Are you effective?
From 1 to 10 where 1 is awful and 10 is perfect, tell me how good is your 6 life aspects.
- Health
- Work
- Love
- Wealth
- Relationships
- Sex

But please, be honest with yourself. Is it ok? Do you really happy with this results?
Or you want to rise your standards?

I finished an intensive 2 years course of psychotherapy seminars lead by the world level psychotherapist and inventor of Integral Neuro-Programming (INP), Ph.D. Sergei Kovalev, one of the best teachers i ever had. He connected all the best world psychotherapy techniques in a strong solid system, made them even better and created his own integral approach.
it is unique method to change Your Life 
Overview of the INP:
A wide range of work with a person
- Work with psychosomatics
- Psychotherapy proper
- Psychological consulting 
- Personality growth and development

In all life stages
- Pre-social (adaptation to life activity)
- Social (socialization in the system of social relations)
- Post-social (existentialization of life)
- Supra-social (trans-personalization of being)

All levels of psychotherapy
- Instrumental (problems with adaptation)
- Intentional (goals (aims) of socialization)
- Existential-semantic (areas of existentialization)
- Transcendental (realities of transpersonalization)

All codes of representation
- Neurologic
- Psycho-semantic
- Space
- Symbolic

Psychotherapy is a art to help person to connect with his unconscious and change this Life.
First meeting is consulting where we find out your problem and possible solutions.
Then if you want more - we will build Your New Life.

* consulting is only for first meeting, sometimes it can be more than one hour, then please check Psychotherapy rental.


If you are having trouble booking contact us we will set up the booking for you!
English Level: Advanced
Japanese Level: Intermediate


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Psychotherapy (consulting)