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Badges are a good way for Renters to know some things about a Rent Meee. If you are interested in getting a badge to boost the rentals you can get, look at the following below.

ID Check
- Fill out the ID verification form and once we verify you, you will receive this badge.

Premium account status - Fill out the following form to schedule an interview with us.
      We will test out your rental in a few minutes and have you fill out another form, you can be done in just 20 minutes!
Address Confirmed - We will send you a letter to your address, you will follow the instructions to verify your address. (Coming Soon)

Facebook Verification - Provide us with your facebook so we can verify by looking at that (Coming soon)

Checked by Phone - Provide us with your phone number so we can verify you by phone (Coming soon)

Community Checked - Complete 1 rental successfully and get a review.

Officially check by - For this one you need to opt in to our activities where we will be present during your rental.
      Keep an eye out for news on our Facebook page to know when these events happen.
10 Successful Rentals - Simply complete 10 rentals!