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How it Works

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1. JOIN the site as a skill instructor (Called "Rent Me")

2. Create your profile and rental using a skill you would like to TEACH.

3. After you get your BOOKING, please contact your Renter.

4. MEET a renter to teach your skill using English!

5. Next month, you will get your PAYMENT!


Table of Contents

■ RentMeees


1. Sign Up

Enter your username, password, email, and your skills.
→ Register here

2. Create profile

Here you will enter your photo and self-introduction.
Fill out your profile as completely as you can. The more you have in here, the more a potential renter can know about you to make their decision. This is your chance to let them know what you are all about!
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3. Create a RENTAL listing

In your Rental listing you will display your rental concept as a product. This should be some activity that you will TEACH to the renter. Enter images and/or video links that illustrate your rental. Fill in the details of what the rental will be, you refund policy, price and your booking schedule. Your booking schedule will show all the times of the day you are available for that rental.
If your posts has any elements against the rental rules, it will be removed.
→ Please calculate your price keeping in mind that there will be no additional fees you can collect. Transportation, expenses related to the location, materials needed for the rental, etc.
Rental Rules
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4. Accept reservation

Congratulations!  You got booking from Renter that wants to learn your skill from you!
* Between the time of booking and the Rental time, if you need to cancel at any time and then rental does not occur, the renter will be refunded in FULL. If the renter cancels, they will be refunded as per the refund policy you have on your listing. That notes how many days they are safe to cancel before a 100%, 50% or 0% refund is possible.
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5. Lesson

It’s time for the rental! Enjoy!
→ What to do in the event of a no show troubleshooting guide


6. Reviews

Let's write a review of Renter after the lesson is over. If you do this right away, you may prompt the Renter to say something nice in return. Getting good reviews will increase your chances to getting another rental.
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8. receive payment

Once a rental occurs you will be able to see your total on your user page. For cashing out, payment will be sent to your registered paypal account the 10th of each month.

· Lesson January 18 (Wed) → Sales confirmation January 19 (Thur) → Payment February 10 (Fri)
· Lesson Friday, January 20 → Sales confirmation February 23 (Mon) → Payment February 10 (Fri)
· Lesson Tuesday, January 31 → Sales confirmation February 1 (Wed) → Payment March 10 (Fri)

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We have a simple fee structure. It is free to sign up and use You can list as many items as you like as long as we don't deem it as spam or something else against our listing regulations.

We add 20% to your hourly listing. This will be done automatically so there is no need for you to calculate anything. Just insert the amount you wish to charge for your rental. When you save you will see your adjusted 20% higher hourly rate.

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1. Sign Up

Enter your username, password and email address.
Register here

2. Create profile

Please enter your photo and self-introduction.
Just like you would like to get a sense of who a Rent Meee is before renting they feel the same about renters. It doesn’t need to be long at all but please fill in some details it will make things go smoother.
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3. Search

Search for a Rental to learn the skill you are interested in. There are a few tools for to find a Rental in at a location convenient to you!
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4. Booking

When you decide on the Rental, choose the date, time and number of people. You then click book to be directed to the payment step.
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5. Payment

Easy and secure online payments are possible through PayPal. PayPal accepts any credit, debit card or bank account to allow you to instantly confirm your payment. They also have protection and will allow refunds in the event of a cancellation.
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6. Confirmed

After your payment your booking is confirmed. You may contact the Rent Meee you booked for meeting details.
→ "How can I ask in Japanese?” Japanese note is here

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7. Rental day

Enjoy your Rental lesson in English!
→ What to do in the event of a no show
troubleshooting guide


8. Review

Please leave a review of what you thought of the rental. It is helpful for the Rent Meee who did a good job. It also lets helps other renters make a decision when choosing Rentals.

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-What are “Rent Meee” and “Renters”?

Rent Meees are the members of our site who will list Rentals. They will teach a teach skill to a Renter. (Currently this is only for native level English speakers.)
Renters are people who want to learn a skill, they will browse and purchase the Rentals listed.

-What’s “Rental”?

Rental is an hourly booking someone can make. Every Rental will be a lesson where the Renter learns a skill.

-Rent-Meee service is only available in Japan?

Yes, starting from, 2017. Until 2020 we will be focused in Japan only. Afterwards we hope to expand to other cities and countries around the world.


About RentMeee

-What skill can I sell as a Rental?

Try to think about anything you can do!
Then think if you can teach it to another person using English.
If you can do that you have a Rental. It’s easy!
→Check Category list
→See the rules

-My schedule is Irregular. Is it possible to use this site?

Yes! For Rent Meee you set your own availability schedule. Whatever times you can and are willing to do Rentals. For Renters, they can look through for times also convenient to them and learn during those times.

-Do you have a rule about pricing?

Yes, the minimum price should be over 1500 yen/hour. We would like the rentals to be at some standard of quality with this minimum price point we believe everyone will take each encounter seriously. Other than this you can set the price as high as you like, just try to balance what you think someone will pay and how much you need to conduct a Rental.

-How can I get payment?

All you need to do is register a PayPal account. You will be able to keep track of how much you are to receive and it will be sent to you on a regular monthly schedule.
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-What is badge?

Badges are small proofs of various things. It can mark that your rental has been tested, it can show credentials in a particular field like a certification in a skill. They are great shorthand notes to show some more aspects of a Rent Meee.
How to get badge?


About Renter

-How can I booking?

All you need to do is go to the Search page and choose a Rental that appeals to you.
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-How can I pay?

When you find a Rental you like, you click book and you will be directed to a page where you can make a secure payment. Know that your payment is kept safe until the Rental is complete. You do not have to make any other payments besides this step. If a Rent Meee asks you for additional payments know that all fees, travel expenses etc. are supposed to be included in the initial booking price. If you feel so inclined and are made to feel uncomfortable for example a Rent Meee asking for a tip, you can report it here.
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