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About Me

I'm a software engineer with various experience like games, e-commerce, etc. I have also taken different roles as developer, project manager, offshore control, etc.Read more

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Rental Description

About the Location: 

I prefer a cafe nearby Akabane station but anywhere within Tokyo will be fine depending on the needs (negotiable)

Experience with Skill: 

I have 1.5 years experience working on web based games, and I also make my own resume website and other web projects. For example :


I would like to provide my service to help you build websites for private or business use.
However, due to the varying needs I have two kinds of setup for this rental.
You can first discuss the details and the scope of the project.
If you agree, I will then create another rental tailored to your needs based on the discussion we had. You are not required to move forward if the scope and/or timeline doesn't work for you.
If you don't have strong preferences for the website you can choose the second variation which will give you one static website and I will help you decide on the layout and assets. (with the source code and other necessary files which you can edit afterwards)


If you are having trouble booking contact us we will set up the booking for you!

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per hour
Rentals must be booked 2 days in advance
Minimum duration: 


The location shows the general area your rental can be held at. Please discuss with your Rent Meee after purchase to choose a venue.
Please decide which rental you would like to use and choose a day and time using the Rental's calendar.

Rental Options

Some rentals has multiple levels are alternative options, choose from the list here!
[Consultation] Website planning
[Project] Build Website
This is the rental for you if you don't care about the layout or technology stack. This will include one static webpage. If you need more pages you can book for more rentals. Please provide the images, or other assets necessary. Otherwise, I will use freely available assets. The deliveries will include a set of HTML, CSS, JS (when needed) for your website. Good for prototyping or as base for your own development.