Learn everything you need to know to become a great photographer or film maker!!

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Learn everything you need to know to become a great photographer or film maker!!

About Me

Hi my name is Luke and I am from Australia. 

To quote Liam Neeson in Taken "But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career"

Take that and change is to multiple career's and that's what I'm feel like. 

My career started...Read more

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About the Location: 

Depending on lesson and weather the location will either be outdoors or indoors. A cafe like Starbucks may be useful for technical lessons, while outdoors for more practical lessons.

Experience with Skill: 

I have worked as a photographer and cinematographer for over 5 years. I have photographed or shot just about everything, Weddings, Corporate events, Short films, Music videos, Portraits, Show reels, you name it and there is a good chance that I have filmed or photographed it at some stage. 

Below are some samples of my work:


Lesson Explanation: 
Firstly, we start with your goals! What do you want to acheive? Are you looking to improve your current skills, or perhaps you have no experience but photography or film making has always interested you.
Once I know what you goals are we can begin making a plan.
If you want to learn technical skills we can start by meeting in a cafe or somewhere suitable and begin learning camera settings. This is key to understanding what you can acheive with a DSLR camera
If you need a camera let me know, I have many and can lend you one during our lesson.

The goal of this Rental is to how you become proficient in using a DSLR camera, either for shooting video or photography.

You may want to just brush up on your basics or you may want to plan a photo walk where we go out and take photos together, whatever your goal is, I am here to help you achieve it.

We can work on Portraits, Landscape photography, Short films, Long exposures, anything you may want to try and work on.

If you have a camera already that is great, if not, then I can provide you with one for our lesson.


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