Self-massage and stretching

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Self-massage and stretching

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My name is Ivan, i'm from Russia.

I have been trained in martial arts (Bujinkan) since 2008 and teaching it since 2011.
In 2013 i started working as a massagist. In addition I have been working 3 years in a rehabilitation center as a massage therapist. The center is...Read more

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About the Location: 

As soon it is everyday life advice and self massage, we don't need special place.
But it would be nice to meet in quiet place with some space. In summer or warm weather day we can meet at park too.

Experience with Skill: 

In 2013 i started working as a massagist. In addition I have been working 3 years in a rehabilitation center as a massage therapist. The center is majored in different joint and muscle pains, and it is lead by the famous Russian Dr.Bubnovskiy, who invented his own system how of getting rid of pain using different physical exercises.
I visited a lot of massage and osteopathic seminars, and now have a lot of experience working with different people who have different kinds of pain and sometimes rehabilitation problems after surgery.
Also i have experience in yoga stretching that i use to give everyday life advices.

Lesson Explanation: 
Self introduction and understanding targets of lesson
Some muscle tests to find out your problem area in body
Recomendations of stretching and self-massage you can use yourself

Everyday life is full of different movements and constant pose work.
Desk work, car or any specific job.
To be more effective and healthy we need to keep balance in our body.

You don't need to know anatomy or nuances of muscle structure to help yourself in daily life,
but you need to know what to do to increase your productivity.

On this class i will recommend you your personal system of exercises based on your daily activity.
We will create simple but effective complex of stretching and self-massage for you Life!


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English Level: Advanced
Japanese Level: Intermediate


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Self-massage and stretching

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