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About the Location: 

I will show you along the Akigawa River, West Tokyo.

Experience with Skill: 

My experience in this field is I have lived and ran along the Akigawa River in West Tokyo for over 10 years, running 20 - 30km every day. I am an experienced marathon and ultra marathon runner and can show you the local historical sites, including castles, shrines and caves. I also have a very good knowledge of the local wildlife and hopefully can show you some of the wildlife that lives along the Akigawa River.

Lesson Explanation: 
We will meet at Haijima station, and then start running from the Ishikawa sake brewery.

We will run along the Akigawa River until we reach the summit of Mount Ajiro Benten (Benten Yama). This takes just over 1 hour and is about 11km. On the way, we will run along the Akigawa River, through villages and rice fields and past some temples. In the final climb up Mount Ajiro Benten, we run past some mysterious caves with a religious shrine inside. After reaching the summit, we will run back along the Akigawa River to the Ishikawa sake brewery. Depending on the season, you will be able to see various vegetable crops being grown in the fields, and various stages of the rice fields being planted and harvested. In addition, there is a variety of wildlife along the river, including herons and if you are very lucky you might get a rare chance to see a Japanese kingfisher. This is a run I have done several times a week for around 10 years, and I know the area very well, including a lot of local people. The run is about 22km, and includes some hills, and we will run at between 5:30 / km to 6:00 / km pace, so you will need to be able to comfortably run at that pace. There are plenty of toilets and drinks machines along the course. I have made several videos of my runs in the area, which you can watch on my You Tube page. It is a run, which I think will introduce you to a very different part of Japan.

I usually do these runs on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morning, starting from around 9am.  


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