How to use


■ RentMeee

Account and Rental Settings

Please click your user name, and click "Edit". 


Edit Account

Account Info

1. Current password

Enter your current password to change the E-mail address or Password. If you do not know your current password, you can request a new password.

2. E-mail address

Enter a valid e-mail address here. All e-mails from the system will be sent to this address. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive site updates news or notifications by e-mail.

3. Password

If you want to change password, please enter it here and Confirm your password.
We recommend using a strong password with letters, numbers and symbols.

4. Confirm password

Re-enter password here.

5. Language

This is where you will set your own language default for navigating the site, emails and notifications.

6. My Skills

This is mostly for Rent Meees. Here you can list all the skills you have or have.

7. Skills I’m interested in

This is mostly for Renters. Here you can list skills you are interested in learning.

User Details

1. Profile picture

Click “choose picture” and choose your best picture, and click “UPLOAD”.
・Change image
If you want to change your image, click “REMOVE” first, and then add new image.
・Crop and resize
If the image does not look right, click “MANAGE IMAGE CROPS”. You will see the borders where you can drag and resize. Then you can click “Apply crop”. You may not see the change right away, but once you click “SAVE” at the bottom of the screen your changes will take into effect.

2. Nearby Station

Type in the nearest most convenient Train station here. It will be useful for figuring out the ideal places to conduct rentals once you see the nearby station of both Renter and Rent Meee. This is directly connected to your user account.

3. Name your central location

Write your central location, this is what will display as your location in all areas of the site. Will not affect SEARCH, search is handled by the field above. ex. "Shinjuku Station" or "Shinjuku-ku" or "Narita Airport". If nothing is entered the first 2 words of the field above will be shown.


1. Bio

You can create original design, put picture, change text size color etc.
This is for your personal Bio. For Rent Meees, you do not need to talk about your Rental at length here, that will be done on the Rental page. For Renters, this is your chance to give a nice introduction.


1. Original Country

Please choose the country you are from. Not where you currently live.

2. Languages Spoken

Please check all the languages you speak.

3. Language Level

Please choose your language level for each.

Private Details

Private details are only for you to verify your personal details with Your details will not be shown to any other user. Filling out this area allows you to gain an ID verification badge which will help you gain trust with potential renters. It also helps us get in contact with you if there are any issues or in case of emergency.

1. Real Full Name

Your real Name as seen on an ID, this will not be made public on the site.

2. ID

Optional If you upload your ID, we will check it and add a ID CONFIRMED badge to your account. Your ID image and information is never made public.

3. Gender

Please choose your gender

4. Phone Number

Please put your phone number

5. Address

Please put your address in Japan.

Create Rental


1. Title

Please add your rental title here. Your title should easily convey what the lesson is.

2. Rental Type

Please choose which skill is most closely related to your rental.
If you are unsure, please check this category list.

3. Body

This area is very important! This is where you will describe your rental in detail your experience level with the skill, what you will teach, how you will teach it. Etc.


1. Nearby Station

This is the nearby station directly connected to your Rental. Type in which station or location is your central starting point. Later, we will allow you to change this range. While putting your home address is possible, we ask you exercise care in giving out your personal information as it will appear on our search map and a partial display of the address you write in here will appear on the site. You can use this nearby station field to make your rentals that are applicable to specific locations known. Otherwise you can use the same location you set on your main profile. Note that this location will directly be influenced by the rental search our RENTERS will use.

2. Name your central location

Write your central location, this is what will display as your location in all areas of the site. Will not affect SEARCH, search is handled by the field above. ex. "Shinjuku Station" or "Shinjuku-ku" or "Narita Airport" If nothing is entered the first 2 words of the field above will be shown.

3. Radius

By default you will gain a radius of 5km from the nearby station location that will trigger in searches. Using Kilometers write how far you are willing to go from your "Nearby Station" to perform this particular rental.


1. Content

Click “BROWSE” and the “Media browser” will pop out.
There will be 3 tabs. You can upload an image, paste in a URL (youtube link) or browse content you have previously uploaded. You can upload a maximum of 5 with a combination of images and video as your content.

Here you can drag an image directly into the box or click add images and navigate your files. Files must be less than 4 MB each. After you upload the images, you may control cropping of each image by clicking “Manage image crop”. If you click that button, just move and resize the selection area and save your new crop. There may be multiple formats of cropping that affect different areas of the page, if you have issues with the look of your images you may style all the different cropping sizes available, they will all save.

URL upload
Just paste the URL you see in the browser of YOUTUBE and hit save.

Click an image from the library of content you have already uploaded if you ever want to use it again. After you have made your selection, click save at the bottom.


1. Fee and travel expenses

This field can not be changed, please be sure to consider any fees you will charge in your initial price as you are not allowed to collect tips and extra fees from the renters directly. Doing so is against the rules.

2. Response time

Indicate how long you think a renter may wait to hear back from you.

3. Cancelation for 100% refund available

Please add how many days before booking date the Renter can receive 100% refund on cancelations.

4. 50% cancelation refund

Please add how many days before booking date the Renter can receive 50%refund on cancelations.

5. 0% refund on cancelations

Please add how many days before booking date the Renter can receive 0%refund on cancelations.
This mean NO refund.


1. Title

Make this title even more specific about the rental. Its ok if it matches the rental PAGE title. This title is for you rental as a PRODUCT. See below about rental variations as you can have more than 1 in a Rental listing.

2. Price

Put your price in here. All prices are HOURLY.
Please calculate your price keeping in mind that there will be no additional fees you can collect. Transportation, expenses related to the location, materials needed for the rental, etc. The price you will see on the site will be 20% higher as our fee is added on TOP, this way you can just worry about what you will like to make without having to worry about our usage fee.

3. Time

Here you will detail your weekly schedule. There are a few other options for you to customize the frequency as well. Please put in your full available time, people will choose hours within your selected range.
Start Time: The time you start to be available for the days indicated
End Time : The time you are unavailable for the days indicated.

4. Day of the week to repeat time schedule

Choose the days of the week you would like the time range to repeat on. Your calendar will be populated 3 months into the future.

5. Remove

Click this to remove your time rule.

6. Another day time rule

If you want to add more days, or different times you can make new rule here.
Day rule 1-7:00PM-9:00PM on Mon and Wed
Day rule 2-10:00AM-4:00PM on Sun and Sat

If you wish to take a break within 1 day, just create a gap in your time schedule.

7. Add another day time rule

You can keep extending to add more time rules, be careful not to overlap the times or your schedule won't match your expectations.

8. Status

You can decide to make your Rental Active and Disabled. This will mean no one will be able to see it besides you. This is good for preparing your rentals or to temporarily disallow new bookings if you go on vacation or something. Your rental will still be searchable but your calendar will be unavailable for any rental variations you disable. This will NOT remove any previously existing bookings and you will still be expected to carry those out unless you cancel bookings directly.


Don't forget to press "SAVE" or your changes will not be kept.

Add Rental Variations

Please note that we are still working on allowing multiple levels per class. Please only create ONE rental "variation" per Rental listing for now. Later you will be able to create multiple inside 1 listing to offer different levels, with different prices. If you have another rental idea that is not related to the main rental listing we suggest you create a separate rental.

・Photo lesson Level 1 - 3000 yen
〔add new Rental Variations〕
Photo lesson Level 2 - 5000 yen
・Beads accessories bracelet - 3000 yen
〔add new Rental Variations〕
Beads accessories necklace - 6000 yen


1. Open your rental

Click to edit your Rental listing and go to the "Booking" tab.


2. Add Rental Variations

Put your new variations. You can check how to put here.


3. Save

Then click "SAVE". You can check all your variations on Rental Booking page.


We have a simple fee structure. It is free to sign up and use You can list as many items as you like as long as we don't deem it as spam or something else against our listing regulations.
We add 20% to your hourly listing. This will be done automatically so there is no need for you to calculate anything. Just insert the amount you wish to charge for your rental. When you save you will see your adjusted 20% higher hourly rate.

· You put 1500 yen / hourly
→ will show 1800 yen
· You put 3000 yen / hourly
→ will show 3600 yen
· You put 8000 yen / hourly
→ will show 9600 yen

My Rentals

Edit Rental

1. View your rentals

You can see your rentals on the main menu "My Rentals" or at the bottom of your user page. Your user page can be accessed by clicking your name anywhere its seen on the site. There will always be an indication of your login status at the top of the page.

2. Rental Title

Titles of your rentals will all be listed here along with the skill category and location. Clicking the title or image will display your rental as its seen by Renters.

3. Edit

When you click "Edit", you can jump to Edit page directly. Next to edit is a button to cancel any unbooked availability slots (All the green on your rental calendar). Be careful with this button. Its usually advisable to just edit your schedule if there are changes. This is more for clearing your schedule if you go on vacation or become unavailable for a time.

Delete Rental

If you wish to delete your Rental we need to make sure you don't have any outstanding bookings. For that reason we require you to email us:


Get Booking


Get Booking

Check booking

1. Get mail

You will receive an email when your Rental is booked. This will have the details of the time and duration of the booking. Look this over carefully to plan your Rental.


2. My Rental page

You can check all your bookings at any time on "My Booking" page to see your full schedule.

3. Confirm

As early as you can, before the rental day, please contact to Renter about meeting location, meeting time and anything else you need to discuss for the Rental.

Rental day

Enjoy your Rental!

Please don't be late.
Enjoy your Rental time with the Renter!


1. Get a Review!

When the Rental is complete, the Renter will be able to give you a review.
When you get a review, you will be notivied by email.

2. Check all Reviews

Each Rental page bottom side, you can check all reviews.

3. Give review to Renter

Please give review to Renter. You can wright the review at the bottom of the Renter's user page.

Get paid

Your monthly rentals will display on your monthly earnings report page. For cashing out, payment will be sent to your registered paypal account the 10th of each month.

· Lesson January 18 (Wed) → Sales confirmation January 19 (Thurs) → Payment February 10 (Fri)
· Lesson Friday, January 20 → Sales confirmation February 23 (Mon) → Payment February 10 (Fri)
· Lesson Tuesday, January 31 → Sales confirmation February 1 (Wed) → Payment March 10 (Fri)


1. Monthly Earnings Report

After login, please hover your mouse over your profile pic on the upper right side of the screen.
Open the menu and hover over "RENT MEEE" and choose Earnings to view your Monthly Earnings Report page. Navigate to the month you would like to review.

2. Earnings

This will show the price you listed your rental without any fees.

3. Total

The total of the earnings for the month is calculated at the bottom of this page.







1. 現在のパスワード

Eメールアドレスもしくはパスワードを変更する際に、現在のパスワードを入力して下さい。 現在のパスワードがわからない場合は、パスワードを再発行することも可能です。

2. メールアドレス

受信可能なメールアドレスを入力してください。 サイトからのすべてのメールは、このアドレス宛に送信されます。 入力されたメールアドレスは非公開にされ、特定のニュースや通知をメールで受け取りたい場合や、管理者からの連絡、あるいはパスワード再発行メールの送信にのみ使用されます。

3. パスワード


4. パスワード確認


5. 言語設定


6. マイスキル

このセクションは主にレントミー用です。 ここにあなたが持っているすべてのスキルを一覧表示できます。

7. 興味のあるスキル

興味のあるスキルを選択してください。 これは無制限です。スキルをすべて選択できます。


1, プロフィール画像


2, 最寄駅


3, 活動範囲の中心

未入力の場合は、上記のフィールドの最初の2単語が表示されます。 「新宿駅」「新宿区」「東京都庁」「成田空港」等、わかりやすい場所があれば入力することをおすすめします。この情報もサイトに表示されます。


1. 自己紹介

オリジナルのデザインを作成したり、写真を置いたり、文字サイズの色を変更したりできます。 レンタルの前に、レントミーが確認する可能性があります。あなたの性格やどんなスキル/趣味に興味があるのか等、自己紹介を書くことをおすすめします。


1. 国


2. 使用言語


3. 言語レベル



このページのプライベート情報はRent-Meee.comであなたの個人情報を確認するためのものです。これらの情報は、サイト上には表示されません。 Rent-Meee.comで各項目の本人確認が取れた場合、サイト上のプロフィールページにあなたの信頼性を示すバッジが表示されます。 Rent-Meee.comの安全な運営のため、設定をお願いいたします。

1. 本名


2. ID

運転免許書・パスポート等、IDをアップロードして下さい。 本人確認が取れた場合、サイト上のプロフィールページにあなたの信頼性を示すバッジが表示されます。あなたのID画像・情報はサイト上に公開されません。

3. 性別


4. 電話番号


5. 住所






1. 場所


2. スキル


3. 詳細検索


4. ユーザー名


5. タイトル


6. 日本語レベル


7. 出身国



1. レンタル詳細


2. レントミー


3. レンタルリスト


4. バッジ

ID Confirmed : We have verified this person's ID
Address confirmed : Mail has been sent to this user and address confirmed.
Phone number confirmed : Phone number has been verified
Facebook confirmed : We have verified the ID using Facebook
Rent Meee Tested : This user has been tested by
Community Checked : A renter has used this rental before.
10 Rentals done! : Has completed 10 Rentals successfully.


5. 予約可能日時



1. 予約確認


2. 支払いを行う


3. 会社名

このページの上部にはRent-Meee運営会社 "ENT株式会社"の名前が表示されます。ご確認ください。

4. 言語


5. PayPalアカウントログイン


6. カード情報


7. PayPalアカウント作成


8. 支払い






1. レントミーを選ぶ


2. メッセージを送る



1. 吹き出しアイコンをクリック

ログイン後、画面の右上に吹き出しアイコンが表示されます。 新しいメッセージがある場合はここに数字が表示されます。

2. メッセージ管理




レビューは、レンタルを完了した人にのみ記載可能です。 すべてのレビューは後で編集することはできませんので、要確認の上ご投稿をお願いいたします。


レンタルを行ったレンタルページに移動します。 ページの下部にレビューエリアがあります。


To leave a review, navigate to the Renter's user page. At the bottom bottom you will see that you can now leave a review. Give a star rating and write your review!



All reviews will be listed at the bottom of the Rental page.





1. Upload


2. Web


3. My files

My filesタグでは、あなたが既に追加した画像を選択できます。

4. 画像選択


5. アップロード step1


6. アップロード step2


7. アップロード step3



1. 画像サイズ調整


2. 保存

"Apply crop"をクリックしてください。画像がアップロードされ、ポップアップが閉じます。